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19 June 2023 - SID Bank concluded a new long-term loan with the German development bank KfW for the financing of the Slovenian economy

8 June 2023 - EIF and SID Bank sign €42 million guarantee agreement to support access to financing for sustainable investment, innovation, and digitalisation

12 April 2023 - SID banka successfully passed the European Commission's pillar assessment and thereby gained the opportunity to become its implementing partner for EU centralized financial instruments

22 September 2022 - SID Bank in Ljubljana hosts the management boards of most European development banks and financing institutions - members of NEFI

15 June. 2022 - JBIC Signs MOU with SID banka, d.d., Ljubljana Promoting Cooperation between Japan and Slovenia to Create Business Opportunities

4 April 2022 - SID Bank and the European Investment Fund presented the increased Slovenian Equity Growth Investment Program (SEGIP) from EUR 100 million to EUR 220 million

24 March 2022 - EIF and SID Banka provide additional €100 million to support early-stage start-ups and scale-ups as well as family businesses

10 February 2022 - Ukrainian fibre rollout through Ukrainian-Slovenian partnership

23 December 2021 - EIB provides EUR 50 million to SID Banka for green and sustainable development of Slovenian municipalities

26 June 2021 - The European Investment Fund, SID Bank and the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development have set up a new regional platform for investments in venture capital funds for financing innovative technological research projects and the intellectual property of universities and research institutes and their commercialisation in the economy

6 November 2020 - SID banka organised international virtual conference of the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund and confirmed its own payment into that fund in the amount of EUR 23 million

06 July 2020 - SID Bank successfully launched »COVID-19» Response Bonds

02 October 2019 - SID Bank signed the agreement to finance set up and implementation of investment advisory services for various types of investments, so as to provide additional technical assistance to project promoters in Slovenia

6 September 2018 - SID Bank and Coface have signed a binding agreement under which Coface, a leading global trade credit insurance player, will acquire PKZ

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23. September 2022

Representatives of 18 European development banks and incentive financial institutions, the European Investment Fund and the European Commission attended a high-level meeting in Ljubljana...

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